Franchisors and Facebook

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2012 | Firm News

If you attended the Technology Summit at this year’s IFA Convention, you heard Facebook announce that IFA members would be given access to FB’s new parent/child tool to control how franchisees use the brand on Facebook. The news was the culmination of work that Ken Colburn of The Data Doctors and Lee Plave started in 2010 with meetings that we conducted at Facebook’s and Google’s California offices.

This good news was that much sweeter because Facebook announced at the IFA Convention that it was dropping the requirement for a minimum monthly ad spend (they had previously required $2,500-10K, but agreed to no longer do so).

Visit IFA’s website to request the tool for your brand.

If we can answer any questions about this process, or if you want to discuss your social media/network policy, please don’t hesitate to call.