How to ensure your brand is properly represented by franchisees

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Franchisor Law

Selling to a franchisee can feel like sending a kid off to college. We’re pretty sure we’ve given them all the tool they need to navigate life, but who really knows?

Providing the tools is key. Here are a few ways to make sure your kids, er, franchisees, don’t sully the family name.

Create copious marketing material and make it easily available

Sounds like Franchisor 101, right? But the marketing world moves fast. What was effective or even genius three years ago is old and tired now. Keep your marketing toolbox fresh and make sure your franchisees know how to make the best use of those tools.

Provide them with dozens of options for ad copy, Facebook promotions, Instagram content, Twitter posts and on-site signage. If you don’t leave blank spaces in their marketing tools, they won’t feel the need to improvise.

Let them know you’re invested in their success

To borrow another metaphor, don’t let your franchisee feel like you’ve shoved them out of the nest and expect them to both fly on the first try and find their own dinner while they’re at it. Keep communication open and they’ll likely reach out to you before trying anything potentially off brand.

This can be a two-way street. Your franchisee may brainstorm something wonderful that you can then incorporate into future marketing blasts to all franchisees. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Don’t be too rigid

Franchisees are hungry entrepreneurs by nature. If you strap them into a marketing straitjacket, they may not thrive. Give them some latitude for creativity. This is a huge country with a galaxy of local identities and cultural quirks that may not all respond to the national marketing messaging. Trust your franchisee to reach their customer base with their own flair.

Make ongoing training available

Some people want to get training over with so they can bolt out of the starting blocks. Others may be new to the industry and need a little extra handholding. Be open to helping these people, if they ask for it. Handbooks and videos are fine, but you can invite them to your headquarters or go visit them at their location. Teach them the fundamentals as you see them and they’ll likely be grateful for the guidance.